Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Post-Teeth Whitening Diet

Protect Your Post-Teeth Whitening Smile By Eating and Avoiding Certain Foods.

girl-post-teeth-whitening-dietLet’s face it: we all want a smile we can be proud to show off. However, there are many factors–from natural causes to the foods/drinks we consume–that can greatly affect the quality of our smile. Tooth discoloration can occur as a result of factors such as:

  • Natural aging
  • Genetics
  • Certain Medications
  • Tobacco use

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No matter the cause, many people turn to professional teeth whitening to correct this uncomfortable condition. At Acosta Dental Arts, we offer teeth whitening services to qualifying North Palm Beach clients, but also like to stress that this procedure alone does not guarantee a long-lasting, whiter smile. The choices you make outside of the dental chair can have a drastic effect on the quality of your post-whitening results.

Let’s explore some of the foods you should incorporate into your post-teeth whitening diet, as well as some foods and drinks you should avoid at all costs.

The Post-Teeth Whitening Safe Zone

The first 48 hours after your teeth whitening procedure are when your smile is most vulnerable. This is because your post-whitened teeth contain open pores that are vulnerable to stain-promoting foods and drinks. So, it’s crucial that you monitor your diet choices to prevent ruining your new smile. Here are some safe options you can incorporate into your diet for the first few days after your procedure (and beyond):

  • Crunchy foods: And I’m not referring to the satisfying crunch of biting into a cookie or potato chip. Choose foods that offer a healthy crunch, such as apples, celery and cucumber slices. These foods help ward off plaque and promote the production of saliva, which help keep teeth clean.
  • However, be sure to peel the outer skin of any fruits that contain one before digging into your healthy snack.


  • Low-fat dairy: If you’re a die-hard fan of dairy, you’re in luck. Low-fat options such as cheese and plain yogurt aren’t only great for promoting a healthier lifestyle, but they also help maintain healthy teeth. Dairy is known to be a primary source of calcium for the body, which also helps fight off tooth enamel. Incorporate dairy foods such as low-fat cheese and plain yogurt to help keep your teeth safe from dental conditions such as tooth decay.
  • Foods that are light in color: Wheat pasta, rice dishes, white meats and white fish make for tasty and teeth-friendly main courses. These foods are also light in color, which means they won’t pose much of a threat to your teeth.

Post-Whitening Diet No-No’s


  • Dark beverages: Stay away from colored beverages–such as coffee, juices, red wine and tea–after whitening your teeth. If you do decide to consume any colorful drinks, use a straw to minimize the exposure to your teeth.
  • Dark colored foods: This includes berries, dark chocolate, dark soups, tomato sauces and soy sauce, to name a few. Much like dark beverages, these foods linger longer than necessary on your teeth.
  • Acidic Foods: This goes back to the fact that your teeth are sensitive after a whitening procedure. To minimize pain and discomfort, avoid low-pH items such as lemons, pineapple, vinegar, and oranges. These items increase the acidity in your saliva, which can cause significant damage to your already weakened post-whitened smile. Acidic foods also pose a threat to

Don’t Forget the Most Important Tip of All

As previously mentioned, whitening your smile professionally is not the end-all for achieving a brighter smile. Aside from maintaining a healthy post-whitening diet, the key to keeping your new smile intact is routine teeth cleanings. Our dental office encourages patients who have undergone a teeth whitening procedure to schedule their routine teeth cleanings. This promotes a clean, shining smile year-round, which will make any future whitening procedures easier and less invasive.Before you decide to venture into professional teeth whitening, we suggest you schedule a dental exam to ensure you are qualified to undergo this procedure for optimal results. Call Acosta Dental Arts today at 561-622-0301 to schedule your Free Smile Assessment and learn more about our teeth whitening options.

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