Suffering from Tooth Pain? These Conditions May be to Blame

These Tooth Pain Triggers Mean It’s Time to See the Dentist.

woman-with-tooth-painNo one likes to experience the discomfort of tooth pain. Whether it’s a progressive pain or hits you in the middle of the night like a freight train, there’s always a cause behind your mouth’s unpleasant plea for attention. The thing about tooth pain–much like any other dental condition–is that the sooner it’s treated, the less damage it will pose to your oral health.

While a visit to the dentist is required to truly get to the root of the problem (no pun intended), awareness is the first step to understanding any dental condition. Because the team at Acosta Dental Arts believes that awareness makes for a more comfortable dental experience, here’s a list of different triggers of tooth pain and the possible causes behind them.

Sensitivity to hot and cold foods/drinks

If sipping a hot coffee or a cold glass of water is causing you to wince in temporary discomfort, it may not be something too serious. About half the population has experienced tooth sensitivity at one point or another due to a loose filling, a small amount of tooth decay or an exposed root surface due to gum recession. However, if the pain lingers long after, the tooth’s pulp may be inflamed–a sign of irreversible damage due to decay or physical trauma. A root canal procedure may be necessary in order to remove the damaged pulp and salvage the tooth.

Pain when biting down on certain foods

If it’s suddenly become difficult to bite down on that afternoon apple snack, you could be suffering from a cracked tooth, loose filling or tooth decay (among other conditions). In the case of a cracked tooth, a dentist would have to evaluate the severity of the crack in order to take proper action (if the tooth’s pulp has been affected, it may require further treatment).

Constant pain in a certain area that is hard to pinpoint

This is a red flag for a possible decaying/dying of the pulp tissue inside the tooth. As the decay inches closer to the tooth’s nerve, the affected tooth becomes less salvageable, so immediate action is required to ensure the damaged pulp tissue is removed. A root canal treatment is usually the go-to solution to relieve the pain associated with this degree of tooth pain.

Intense pain and pressure resulting in swelling of the gums

This is a kind of tooth pain that you don’t want to waste any time treating. The intensity is alone enough to make you go crazy, but the damage posed to the affected area should be an even bigger concern. Intense pain and pressure of the tooth can usually result in heightened sensitivity to touch and significant swelling of the surrounding gums. This means the tooth may have an abscess that has spread from the root to surrounding bone and tissues, resulting in the need for root canal treatment. While treatment for this tooth pain is similar to the above mentioned conditions, intense pain is usually a sign of a dental emergency.

Don’t Let Tooth Pain Progress Into Something Worse

Intense tooth pain can be a sign of a dental emergency, and that’s just something you can’t put off for very long. Acosta Dental Arts is a North Palm Beach dentist helping patients relieve their tooth pain as soon as it arises. The longer tooth pain goes untreated, the more you’ll have to undergo extensive, potential costly corrective procedures to feel relief. Call our North Palm Beach dental office today at 561-622-0301 for a Free Smile Assessment and eliminate tooth pain once and for all.

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