Cleaning Your Tongue – Why and How?

Ignoring the Tongue Can Negatively Affect Your Dental Hygiene

cleaning your tongue - why and howBy now, you are probably aware that bad dental hygiene can lead to other health problems within the body. What many people are not aware of, however, is that not cleaning your tongue properly or often enough can diminish dental health and hygiene.

Throughout the day and when you sleep, bacteria, food debris, dead cells, and even fungus can accumulate on the surface of your tongue. This can cause a film to appear. In some cases, the film can be an indicator of dental concerns, such as white or geographic tongue. This is why it’s important to incorporate a proper tongue cleaning procedure into your everyday dental care routine.

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The How

Learning how to effectively rid your tongue of all that lingering bacteria can help keep your mouth healthier, cleaner, and fresher. There are a number of tools available to help you keep your tongue clean, including scrapers, 2-in-1 toothbrushes, and special tongue brushes. Your choice of tool will depend on your personal preference, just be sure to use the tool correctly.

The tongue is a very sensitive organ, which means you don’t need to apply much pressure when cleaning it. Regardless of your preferred tool, you should always begin from the back. Apply a steady amount of pressure and move forward towards the front of your mouth. Be sure to drag the tool evenly across all areas of your tongue, including the sides and front.

You should clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth, but if you feel build up occurring, clean it more often. If you notice a persistent film or foul odor despite daily cleaning, be sure to contact your dental provider. For residents in North Palm Beach and surrounding areas, we invite you to come to our office to learn more about our dental services.

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The Why

In short, cleaning your tongue is just as important as flossing and brushing your teeth. The only way to guarantee healthy teeth and gums is by maintaining a regular dental hygiene routine, including regular teeth cleanings and check-ups.

Ignoring the building up of bacteria that can accumulate on your tongue can lead to unwanted results, such as bad breath and tooth or gum decay. Simply relying on rinsing with mouthwash won’t help you get rid of bacterium that has lodged itself within the rough surface of your tongue. Because of the uneven texture of the tongue, bacteria can attach itself to the surface and become hard to remove. This is why scrapers and tongue brushes are popular. Their specialized shape and design allows you to remove the unwanted debris.

Patients who experience a film or build up of bacteria on the tongue are more susceptible to developing halitosis, geographic tongue, or even more serious dental health problems.

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What Now?

Acosta Dental Arts, PA offers residents of North Palm Beach and the surrounding areas with expert dental care and assistance. Contact our office to schedule your Free Smile Assessment with board-certified dental professional Dr. Adrian Acosta.

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