The Battle of the Breath: 4 Causes of Bad Breath and How to Fight Them

Don’t Let These Common Causes of Bad Breath Win.

No one likes to admit they may be sporting less-than-stellar breath. Bad breath causes a feeling of unease and embarrassment that can hinder your social interactions—not to mention the quality of your oral health. Sure, you can always fight bad breath temporarily with the help of breath mints, gum and mouthwashes—but how effective are these to winning the battle indefinitely?

The fight to end bad breath must first begin at understanding what causes it and how you can rid yourself of this unpleasant visitor.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath, clinically known as halitosis, is triggered by a number of sources. Your daily choices play a significant role in its development. At Acosta Dental Arts, we care about improving all aspects of your oral health, including common lifestyle factors that are causing bad breath. While the cause for halitosis may sometimes be purely medical, you can implement small changes in your daily routine to help lessen the severity of bad breath—or ward it off altogether.

Here are some common causes of bad breath:

  • Poor dental hygiene: If you’re not brushing and flossing daily, you’re already sabotaging your chances of eliminating unpleasant mouth odors. Brushing and flossing helps get rid of food particles caught between your teeth and collected around the tongue and gums. Over time, these particles can accumulate and trigger bad breath.
  • Solution: Don’t slack on your daily dental routine. Brush and floss after every meal to keep teeth clean and bacteria-free. Regular visits to your dentist for teeth cleanings also help guarantee your oral health is monitored and kept intact. Our North Palm beach and surrounding area clients are encouraged to visit us regularly to keep teeth healthy and clean year-round.

  • Smoking and the use of tobacco: We already know the use of tobacco can bring on a series of medical complications, and it’s also one of the more prominent bad breath causes. Smoking leaves particles in the lungs and throat, resulting in “smoker’s breath”.
  • Solution: Limit your use of tobacco–or eliminate it altogether. Not only will you be doing your mouth a favor, but you’ll be dodging a pretty significant list of health effects.

  • Dry mouth: Saliva is an essential component in eliminating food particles and bacteria in the mouth; without it, these agents linger in your mouth for longer than necessary and produce an unsavory odor. A lack of saliva flow can be caused by certain over-the-counter medications or problems with the salivary glands. Breathing through the mouth can also cause your mouth to become dry. Certain medical conditions, such as Sjoren’s Syndrome, cause dry mouth, which leads to unpleasant breath.
  • Solution: Increasing your fluid intake can help alleviate your dry mouth, which will in turn help decrease unpleasant breath. Depending on the cause for your condition, your dentist may be able to recommend certain products to help combat dry mouth.

  • Your Food Choices: Your diet and eating pattern play a big role in producing bad breath. Certain foods, such as onions and garlic, can leave a strong odor in the mouth which will only worsen if you neglect brushing your teeth after consuming (see cause #1). Dairy can also play a role in producing unsavory breath, as the amino acids found in milk and cheeses feeds the bacteria in your mouth. Infrequent eating can also trigger bad breath.
  • Solution: Brushing after consuming dairy products and smelly foods like onions and garlic can keep them from lingering in your mouth for too long.

A Visit to Your Dentist is the First Step To Winning the Battle

Don’t let halitosis get in the way of your everyday interactions. If left untreated, not only will you be living in constant anxiety, but you’re opening the door to other oral health conditions that can worsen the quality of your smile. At Acosta Dental Arts, we can help you determine the root causes of bad breath and provide ways to fight it. Our office in North Palm Beach welcomes surrounding area clients who want to turn this unpleasant condition around. Call us today at 561-622-0301 or schedule a Free Smile Assessment to start your fight against bad breath.

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  1. evans October 2, 2015 at 9:46 pm #

    Help….. I need to know the exerct cause of my badbreath coze I brush my teeth two Times daily it has been like these for decades now.I started experiancing these in class four to date.please help

    • Adrian Acosta
      Adrian Acosta October 15, 2015 at 3:54 pm #

      Hello, when was the last time you went to a dentist for a deep cleaning? Do you floss? Please give our office our call or visit your local dentist so they can provide an in depth consultation after reviewing your teeth.

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