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The Benefits of A Routine Professional Teeth Cleaning

teeth cleaning If you have not been to the dentist for a routine dental cleaning in more than 6 months, then we invite you to schedule an appointment with our 5 star rated dentist today.

At Acosta Dental Arts, PA, we emphasize the importance of a routine teeth cleaning to every one of our patients to make sure that they can continue to have both a successful overall oral health and a beautiful smile for years to come. A routine dental cleaning can help prevent:

  • Gingivitis: The first stage of gum disease, which can be reversed. This is when the plaque around your teeth that irritates the gums, causing them to swell and bleed.
  • Periodontitis: The second stage of gum disease, it can also be reversed but requires more intense treatment. This is when the attachment of the gums to the teeth starts to break due to the tartar buildup along the gumline.
  • Advanced Periodontitis: The third stage of gum (periodontal) disease, where damage to the gum attachments to the teeth is severe and begin to loosen the teeth. This requires more aggressive treatment from a Periodontist specialist to help prevent any tooth loss.
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Do not think of a 6-month cleaning routine as an expensive and unnecessary dental procedure – embrace it as an investment that can prevent any long-term and possible devastating oral health issues that could arise in the future. While it is highly important to brush at least twice a day and regularly floss your teeth, there are still some hard-to-reach areas that even diligent patients can miss. Such hard-to-reach areas can contain:

    • Build up of plaque in both above and below the gum line
    • Calculus and bacteria which can cause bad breath and lead to periodontal disease

Dental Cleaning for Both Adults and Children

If you are looking for quality and affordable dental care then you have come to the right place! The office staff at Acosta Dental Arts, PA understands that the going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite pass time so we always make sure that every dental procedure is done with care and proficiency the first time around. If you are in the areas of North Palm Beach and Juno Beach and are in need of a teeth cleaning procedure, call our office at 561-622-0301 to schedule your appointment today.

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