Struggling With a Chipped Tooth? Here’s What You Can Do

Consider These Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions to Correct Chipped Teeth

Throughout our lives, many different things can cause your teeth to crack or break. A trip and fall on concrete, taking a bite out of a hard food, or even tooth decay can cause a chipped tooth. The enamel on your teeth is comprised of exceptionally strong materials, however, they can be susceptible to wear when exposed to acids, sugars, or bacteria. Thankfully, there are a number of options available for patients who are suffering from a chipped or broken tooth.

Caring for a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Chipped teeth are a common occurrence in a dental office. If left untreated, they can cause further damage to the teeth or gums. Dr. Acosta offers a number of cosmetic and restorative treatment options available and judges each case based on the best option for the patient. The recommended procedure will vary based on the severity of the chip or crack. In some cases, a minor correction can restore the tooth to its original appearance. For other patients, a more extensive solution will be required.


One of the most popular dental solutions to a cosmetic imperfection is a porcelain veneer. A dental veneer is made up of a fine layer of a porcelain (or composite) material that is bonded to the surface of the damaged tooth. Typically, this treatment option is considered the most permanent and natural-looking solution for aesthetic dental concerns. The porcelain material is color matched to the surrounding teeth to provide the most natural appearance possible.

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At Acosta Dental Arts, PA, we can fit you with porcelain veneers in as little as two visits to our Palm Beach office. During the initial visit, our team of professionals will prepare the teeth to create the necessary space for the veneer to comfortably fit. Impressions are taken and sent to our specialized lab to create your personalized veneers. Your second visit will be scheduled for about two weeks later, which will allow time for the veneer to be made. During this visit, Dr. Acosta will bond your customized dental veneer using dental-grade cement and a curing light.

veneers before and after image

Before and after pictures of an actual patient.

Dental Bonding

For patients who only have minimal damage to their teeth, such a minor chip on the tooth or a small amount of enamel missing, tooth bonding may be a better solution. Sometimes known as just a filling, this procedure is usually performed in one quick appointment. This procedure is a simple solution, as it doesn’t require aesthetics or impressions to be made. Instead, the dentist applies the resin directly.

Similar to dental veneers, the composite resin will be color-matched to ensure it blends in comfortably with the rest of the teeth. During your appointment, Dr. Acosta will apply a bonding material that will allow the resin to be attached to the teeth. Next, the desired shape is sculpted and hardened with a high-intensity light. Finally, the bonded tooth is touched up until the desired appearance is achieved.

Dental Crown

For more extreme cases of tooth chips or cracks, a dental crown may be required. For example, patients who are suffering from a crack in their back teeth or with a significant crack can benefit from a dental crown.

Unlike a tooth bonding or veneers, this procedure completely smoothes away the damaged or decayed portion and places a sort-of prosthetic tooth on top, like a crown. Patients have a number of materials available to choose from which all have their own pros and cons. Porcelain is arguably the most popular, as it is the most natural looking. However, metal crowns are the strongest and will last the longest. The best choice for you can be decided with assistance by our dental staff.

Like the veneers, crowns will require two appointments to apply. During the first visit, x-rays will be taken and a portion of the tooth will be ground down. For patients that have lost a large portion of their tooth, a bonding may be used first. Finally, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create a customized crown especially for you. During the second appointment, Dr. Acosta will fit you with your new dental crown.

Bring Back Your Brilliant Smile

At Acosta Dental Arts, PA, we understand how debilitating it can be to have a crack or chip in your teeth. It can cause you to feel uncomfortable smiling, talking, or eating. In some cases, it can even affect your ability to do those things. Instead of suffering, we strive to help patients achieve a beautiful, functional smile. Contact our office to schedule your Free Smile Assessment today!

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